• Looking FAR
  • 2013 - Ongoing
  • "A project that seeks to connect people by asking three simple, yet universal questions: What are your Fears, Aspirations and Regrets"
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  • Friday 21st of Oct. 2011. The Culture Club Gallery. HK
  • A special one night silent auction fundraiser to help the increseaing millions of refugees reaching the northern Kenya border, fleeing the worst drought and famine to hit the horn of Africa in 60 years.
  • 29th June - 27th July 2011. The Culture Club Gallery. HK
  • " White building veils, flowing gently in the plateau breeze…
  • A blurry red sea of lamas, scrambling to lunch. Static shoes, forsaken during meditation. With heavy yet contradicting feelings of solitude, peace, happiness, sorrow and mystery, the Tibetan Colors show, explores the interactions of people, framed by their built enviroment and the color kaleidoscope that is experiencing Tibet."
  • - Published South China Morning Post (SCMP)